Jake & Maya : Upstate New York Proposal: North Carolina Wedding Photographer

I met Jake in either elementary or middle School school in upstate NY , meaning we've known each other for yearsssss. And he's one of the very few I stayed in touch with after graduating. As one of my best guy friends it's been amazing to watch each other's lifes unfold and still be a part of them. When Jake met Maya I knew something was up. I was visiting home and we were going out to dinner and he couldn't stop talking about her. Jake is the biggest toughy on the outside but legit has one of the biggest hearts. Luckily Maya was the one to steal it because she is literally perfection for him. Their cute awkwardness and ridiculous love for the country and outdoors amazes me so when Jake called me and asked me if I'd be visiting NY June 19th sadly I said no. I was going to be in Canada from the 9-15 there was just no way I could get up there to see him. Then he dropped the ball. "I'm going to propose and I was hoping you would pphotograph it for me." Gah. Fuck Jake. Woe me. So I said yes of course and we got a plane ticket lined up for me to leave the 17th at night . 2 hours before my flight American airlines canceled it with no new flight for 2 days. I was livid and stressed and worried. But I jumped in the car loaded phoenix in and we drive to NY overnight. Hitting all the traffic a 10 hour drive took 16 hours. But the morning of the 19th I woke up as giddy as could be and drove to where he'd pop the question. At Maya's aunt's beautiful horse stables. Hiding in a building across form the stables I sat on cinder blocks and waited then with a "were coming " text I laid down in the dirt behind a horse jumps thingy and proceeded to wait 40 minutes while Maya and Jake prepped the horses for a ride. Finally they walked with the horses side by side out of the stables and Jake stopped Maya. She thought something was wrong with the horses but when she looked back at Jake after looking at her horse he was already down on one knee. Being able to not only watch this moment but capture it for them forever was one of the greatest feelings. The surprise and utter happiness on Maya's face was beyond worth all the ridiculousness it took to get there and I would do it all over again for these two if I had to . I can't wait for them to tie the knot and to watch the rest of their lives together unfold .