I take a lot of photos, clearly that is obvious. I post a lot of photos too, but not half as many as I take, atleast not when it comes to my own family's photos. My child is one, that means he's a mess. Literally & figuratively. He doesn't understand much but he can do lots, and lots of stuff he definitely isn't supposed to.

For Mother's Day I REALLY wanted to get dressed up in our vintage clothes and do family photos. A client had gifted me an adorable vintage outfit for Phoenix and I wanted to make sure it would fit so we had to do photos now. The day comes , so excited. Its smoldering hot so we decide to wait til the afternoon, by then the hubby is tired the child is irritated I'm overwhelmed. Not so exciting anymore right? Now I know what my clients go through. So we load up get down the road realized we forgot the tripod run back to grab it and head out again. Get to our destination and joe top button won't button so that means no bow tie. Great.
Can't find Phoenix's suspenders that went with the outfit ( found out i dropped them when getting the tripod and we ran over them) so no suspenders, no bow tie. Oh and Phoenix's tan shoes were home on the counter. 

I felt like a hot mess, to be fair the whole situation was one and I hadn't even tried to take a photo yet. & then we tried. Valued effort for sure but the child was not about it at all. he would not stand with us or sit with us. HE just wanted to play and run around and climb the vines. It was a big old blasty blast for sure, atleast for him. We gave it multiple attempts tried all the tricks and got some photos. He settled down at the end and sat while we read him a book, but not sure it was the book he was interested in because after his attentiveness we looked in front of us to see a wonderful snake had decided to come join us and was about a foot from us and of course Phoenix was all smiles about that. 

I guess my point is, anyone can fake it, facebook is all about that. Showing perfect lives and photos, But the reality is , my family is just as much of a shit show as yours. My child is insane, he doesn't sit well for photos and he isn't always happy. My days aren't always good and my husband isn't always enthused about the million photos I make him take. But thats okay, being perfect isn't all its cracked up to be or all that fun I'm sure. I am happy to have these photos in which I show that my husband and I can get a kick out of our child being obnoxious instead of getting mad. He is a kid after all and he has the whole world to explore, who are we to stop him?

*** our good photos are below but the few outtakes I posted are pretty great.