Matt & Lynsey become The Grady's! 400 Saint Andrews Greenville North Carolina Wedding

Matt lived right up the road from the house Lynsey was born in so they were practically neighbors. He apparently rode his bike up and down her street all the time, but funny enough never did they meet til fast forward 20 years later through a “group of friends” they finally started hanging out. Finally one night Matt worked up the nerve and told Lynsey he had feelings for her and really ever since then they’ve been inseparable. Matt says he fell in love with Lynsey because of my sense of humor, positivity, and kindness and her ass. She fell in love with Matt because he’s very passionate, caring, and from their ability to talk all night about anything.  You could see how much love he had for her just from what he put in his vows, he knew they were meant to be together all along, just a few times after meeting her. You can tell these two are literally are best friends, they do everything together and absolutely hate being apart and that are super ridiculously corny with each other which was a blast to photograph. 
Being a part of their day was amazing to be able to not only be in the Bridal Party but also be one of my best friends wedding photographer was stressful but also absolutely amazing. I couldn't be happier to finally see these two wed, I feel like I have been waiting way too long for that day! 

VENUE - The Barn at 400 Saint Andrews
DJ Chris Raines
FLORIST Reid Taylor
CAKE Browns Sweet Treats
CATERER Rep Express
DIRECTOR Kim Schiller
MAKEUP Chelsie Wallace
HAIR-Destiny Lane with The Hair Cafe
SECOND SHOOTER - Jenifer Williams