When asked what I thought of my husband being a police officer in one of his interviews my answer was simple " I grew up watching my Dad be a hero, saving people putting others lives before his own, it seemed only right that I marry someone who would do the same."

Phoenix has so many heroes in his life. SO many STRONG figures to grow up around, his grandfather is a firefighter & EMT, his Dad a Police Officer , his God Mother a RD & soon to be Doctor, his Uncle is an Airplane Mechanic, the rest of us are pretty badass as well but you get it, he has a lot to look up to while he grows up! 

This is just the first of many sessions Phoenix will have where he plays the role of one of his heroes. This one is to you Dad . 
I hope you love them. I was supposed to save them for Father's Day but we all know how great I am with surprises!