Why has society changed ?
When did someone else's life become less important then you.
And not even just your life , your destination whether it be the grocery store , work or an appointment is that more important to you then someone's life . Now what if it was your grandmother's life, your child's or even your own?

I watched disaster happen before my eyes today I was on the highway and watched a truck lose control into the median and then spin and go back across the highway and into the trees. I was on the other side slammed on my breaks and called 911 and made my way over. 30+ cars passed that truck in the trees before I could get to him. I got as far off the highway as I could and put my hazards on . Even though I was terrified leaving my baby in the back of the car, I ran. In the rain into a mud pit and down to the truck ripping the door open I was lucky to find a shooken up but okay older man. He dozed off--does that matter no what matters is he was okay no broken bones no real damage. He was okay. Do you know cars kept passing I'm answering all the questions while running back to my baby and making sure he's okay terrified someone will hit my car with him in it and no one else had a moment of time except a guy maybe 18-19 pulled up behind me ran to help the old man helped him find his phone checked him again to make sure he was okay, checked the truck to make sure there wasn't any fluids leaking. So this generation mine and the next we're the only ones to stop and make sure this man wasn't dead or severely injured. The generation everyone thinks is worthless? Yet we were the ones who stopped? Did either of us know much about saving someones life or really what to do if he had been seriously hurt? No. But were we going to do everything we could in that moment? Yes.
I waited there 25 minutes (with a screaming baby in the back) til law enforcement came to help. Did I "have the time". Yes yes I did. Is that what I wanted to spend my time doing? Not particularly...but if that had been my grandfather my dad, me... I hope to God someone would stop and it literally tears me apart that all those people passed with not a care in the world for that other person's life just worried about getting to their destination on time. Maybe it's cause I was raised by a firefighter or maybe cause I'm married to a cop. But you treat anyone as if their family in moments of disaster. Joe said to me, you saved a life and really I didn't but the thing is I could have. It could have been that bad, and all those people passing for all they knew that driver could have been dying. How do you live knowing that. I didn't even think I just did I reacted I did what I hope if I'm ever in that place someone will do for me.

Now I'm off to mope cause I'm disappointed in humanity more than usual and I'm just not sure when things got this bad. When people become this selfish. 
God I hope I can raise my son to be a person who stops to help, who thinks of others. who puts others before his own selfish needs. I hope my kid cares, I hope he watches his father & I and learns that it doesn't matter who what when it just matters that in that moment you care.