True Love isn't always pretty : Truthful Thursdays on a Friday cause that is life...

I get a lot, I hope I find a love like you & Joe.
You guys are perfect. 

Well Thanks but seriously. BLAH. 
I do love the man more than anything but really, nothing is perfect. 
It just takes work. & lots of it. Compromise & conversations not arguements. 
Talk people you'll realize most problems can be fixed that way. 
It's giving up things you may want so they can have things they want. 
It's knowing that sometimes someone has to lose, & being okay with that someone being you.
Not just in the arguements that do happen but in opportunities throughout life & obstacles.
It's you making coffee & them pouring it.
It's knowing that you are their Forever & ever & they are your ever & ever. It's the little things, so cliche but really.
If I had one piece of advice, it would be when given the choice of you or them if you aren't always choosing them, you are doing it wrong. With the right person, they are always choosing you too and it just equals out. You love one another so much choosing yourself doesn't seem like an option. It's beautifully terrifying. 
The Highs don't seem so high til you look back on them and the lows always seem lower when you are in them, but they each matter and will all make your relationship better.
When things are hard & days are long, take time.
We cherish our morning coffee together as we feed Phoenix breakfast.
We cherish the 20-30 minutes of reading in bed together before we go to sleep.
We cherish the snuggles while we sleeping & lets be truthful , the amazing sex
HAVE SEX people. Its good for your health and your marraige & stop being weird about it.

Most of all stop trying to be other people. The "perfect" couples you see , all have their own issues. Because all relationships do. Life is fucking hard and having someone with you is amazing but guess what? It's still hard so don't expect shit to be easy and there to be no obstacles cause you are day dreaming and it won't get you far in your relationship or in life.
& that is that for my first Truthful Thursdays!