Amy & Alex are Tying the Knot & We get to capture it! Freaking stunning engagement sesh enclosed!

OH Amy & Alex. 
You know when you meet someone and you are just like YASSSSSS. Well that was me when I met Amy. Amy met me on a day when I was randomly in Greenville, she was so sweet & amazing , I had my little boy with me and she loved him up and acted like we had beenfriends forever & believe me we are now. I didn't get to meet Alex that day but with the way Amy swooned over him when telling me all about their love story. 
From the cute living next to eachother in college experiences to their time together since & their big day to come! 
Finally, I was able to meet Alex. Grooms are always hit or miss haha, they usually don't really care to much about the details and really about the photos! So me winning them over can be a task though I am pretty hilarious so they end up loving me by the end. BUT , ALEX. OH my gosh Alex. This guy is the ish hahaha,  he laughed at my jokes and came back with his own he answered my sarcasm with sarcasm and truthfully it was just a relaxed natural amazing engagement session because once he did the stress of the day went away from Amy and believe me she had had a stressful day. But the moment Alex cracked some jokes and nuzzled up on her Amy was all happiness smiles and excitement. 

I really couldn't ask for a better couple, to keep me on my toes and my wit on my tongue. Their Wedding day is going to be an absolute blast for everyone involved & believe me I can't wait to capture all of the love games that they play :D