As I pack my bags to leave my little man for the first time over night I celebrate him existing in this world for 11 months. For being my reason to smile & laugh so much everyday. 
11 months have flew by and I really can't believe it . I already want to go back in time. 

Touch number 7 has cracked the surface and shown its face
he walks around the whole house now no holding him back at all!
He LOVES anything in a tumbler but specifically my herbalife shakes
he says dada and Hi and bye while waving.
He sleeps through the night more often then not & I still wake up and check on him anyway
Blueberries & avacados are still his favorite
he loves to sweep its the cutest!
He hasn't had a bottle since he was 10 months old and hes done amazing transitioning
He tells lots of stories & loves to hear people read to him! He even brings you the book!
He LOVES to sing & dance especially with mom.
He still hates the car with a passion. So thats fun!

His measurements are yet to be done but I'm sure hes gotten lots more chunky and gained an inch or two! 

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