Lost in the Nighttime Ballet Session : North Carolina Dance Photography


At what age did you start dancing?
I started dance at the age of 4 not by choice but for the best sense I was terrible at any other sports.

How/why did you start dance?
I was started into dance to try to make friends and learn new skill to help me in the future like grace and how to hold yourself properly.

What have been your biggest struggles and triumphs throughout dance?
My biggest struggles has defiantly been battling back from knee surgery as well as having complete confidence in my dance my biggest triumphs defiantly getting back to dance for the first time since knee surgery learning new skills and actually becoming rounded at all genres of dance.

If you could dance along side any dancer who would it be?
Defiantly misty Copeland just to see all the technic she has learned in her career.

What does dance mean to you ?
Dance mean a family and space away from the stress of school and family. A way to realse all emotion and be able to let it all go with no judgement.

Why do you choose brii cher'ri photography to capture your passion &love of dance?

Because she's amazing and is different the other photographers who see dancers as classical forms that can only do the normal things where brii pushing the limits of my ability and make me learn to things for her new ideas and we do things I have never seen before.