When did you and corey meet how?
We went to the same school together & finally met in Chemistry class in High School!

What made you interested in him and him in you?
He played guitar and loved to fish so I loved the fact that he won't the typical sports person.
He liked that I was sweet and played softball! ---- Cute sports couple with an edgy side for the win!

What was the best part about your engagement session?
The best part was just enjoying it with him and seeing him open up infront of the camera!
--- I was warned that Corey hated having photographs taken so I thought I was in for a rough one but really Corey opened right up & we had a blast! Lots of laughs and jokes & he actually seemed excited about the photos!

Why did you choose me as your photographer ?
I chose you because you are absolutely amazing at what you do and I would never choose anyone else!

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