When jake and Katie called me and told me their epic ideas for their session I was completely on board and so so so excited. Though these epic plans took place almost 5 hours away. From everything going wrong that day, forgetting my purse , running out gas the thing that went completely right was this session. These two came and saved me and then on top of it all bought be a hard one. Cause gosh did I need a drink after my morning !

But once we started shooting everything was absolute perfection. The distillery was the perfect bad ass spot for these two and they rocked it in a full suit and gown. Looking absolutely mesmerizing and the looks made for epic one of a kind high class engagement photos. I encourage dressing up to my clients but these two went above and beyond and nailed it.

the Virginia Distillery Company was completely accomadatong and gorgeous. The views and ground were beautiful on this fall day and the tour was wonderful. We then moved on to the Bold Rock brewery where we photographed a more lax casual and fun look on the river. The whole day was filled with funny jokes laughter and fun and I cannot wait for their wedding day and to see these two perfect people we’d. I am so happy they chose me to be a part of their day and to be able to get to know such a great couple who has so much fun is the best part of it all.