Meeting of the Order of Phoenix: Brii & Fae's Birthday Party : Harry Potter Hogwarts party


On September 22nd 2017, The Order of Phoenix commenced at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry ( otherwise known as my house). The Students who had recieved their Hogwarts letter earlier in the month were then instructed to make their way Platform 9 3/4  to enter into the Schools grounds. Upon arrival They were sorted into their given houses ( With Cookies !) & sent into the common room where Butterbeer & Poly juice potion awaited them with their personalized Marauder's map glasses.  Once the new students had arrived & been sorted it was time for them to outbeat the dark lord & find all the horcruxes! In teams of 2 & 3 they were off to find the lost pieces. (Watching 10+ grown adults run through our neighborhood in black robes and wands in hand, had to have been a sight) But boy did we have fun & we found every single one that had been hidden with clues by our Head Master Joe.

After our Horcrux search we settled in for our Feast in the Great Hall. With Oven Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Buttered Peas, Yeast Rolls, Homemade Mac n Cheese , Gravy & Cranberry sauce we all ate til we couldn't eat anymore. With spells & well wishes we moved on to opening gifts & then the best of course DESSERT! We had our very own Harry Potter Happee Birthdae Cake, almost as if Hagrid delivered it himself.  Along with hand made macarons, cupcakes, Cookies, Dementors Relief, & we can't forget the chocolate frogs. 

The students truly seemed to enjoy their first night & the festivities as did we the host. After 2 months of hard work & designing everything truly came together perfectly & we couldn't have been happier. Probably going to do it like every 6 months for shits & giggles haha!
Macarons- Catherine Cuningham
Sorting Cookies - Lace N Cakes
Round cookies & Cupcake cookies- Keegan Elizabeth
So many DIY projects here that were so worth it!