Shit I'm 25: Happy Birthday Me

To be truthful I couldn't think of anything to say about myself for my 25th totally uninspired .
So I asked the people closest to me for some true words about yours truly & here we are ! I like to think the way they say what they say is a reflection of who I am & we are as friends! Which you will be able to tell in just a moment is beyond ridiculous. But these are my people & at 25 I think your people say more about you then you do. So here we are.

Joe-So there i was playing my game minding my own business. when i take a glance to my right and i see brii writing in briis blog. im all like hey girl what you got going on. she be all like i dont know what to write about my self. so im all like leme steer clear from this one. in my peripheral i see her erase everything she had started to write. im all like awh shiii here it comes. with an outrageous humph she tell me to write about her for her. I was all like biiiiiii. but i did not say that. i was like nah bro im busy. so she was all like it only has to be three sentences. Im all like AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!! brii is making me write this blog post for briis blog, I want nothing to do with brii's blog. brii is amazing. brii is awesome. and a total shit. tada.
so apparently my previous statements werent good enough. So leme tell you about brii she is a kind, caring, perfect; wife, mother and friend. she has always been there when I needed her most and will always be there for me. I love you so much b.

Savannah -  You have turned my life around and I couldn't imagine a day without you in it. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better women, mother, friend, etc. Thank you so much for being in my life, I wish you the very best day!!! Love you momma💖

Jen -How could you not be inspired by you??? You inspire me daily! My God woman you are running a business and killing it and meanwhile being a wonderful mom to our sweet boy and if that wasn't enough you found room in your life for me and mine (selfishly this is my favorite part of you lol) you and Joe are more family to us then most of our family and that means everything to me...even if you like skin on your mashed potatoes... 😉we love you Brii Cher'ri Camacho your honesty, your are simply amazing and I am glad every day that we found one another.

Kylee- "I can't imagine my life without brii. When I'm down, confused, happy, nervous, or anything really, she's there for me. I can call her and tell her anything. We've maintained this honesty policy throughout the years, which has afforded us an unbias and unconditional love, no matter what you do, no matter what you say, we're family. She inspires me to be better and do better, and I'd like to think I inspire her to do the same. Her family is my family, my family is hers. But we'll always have our own unhreakable bond"

Trey- Brii is such an amazing person. She has so much talent and is such an awesome aunt to my kids. She's holding me at gun point and making me type these things just an FYI.. No need to send help because she's so kind and caring that it's just a water gun, but none the less.

Fae- Happy Birthday to my fellow Ravenclaw & Second mom . All you do is slay. Happy Birthday. You're the best 25 year old ever. Your amazing & I love you so much.  #happybirthday #slaying #best25yearoldever#shesamazing #loveher #sheloveshashtags#isthisenough