Happee Birthdae 0.5 Phoenix : Headed to Hogwarts : Harry Potter 6 Month Session

Happee Happee Half Birthdae my little Wizard! 
Our little boy turns 6 months old today & we could  not be more ecstatic! 
If anyone knows us they know we are Potter Fanatics! ( JUST WAIT TIL YOU SEE MY NEXT BLOG POST!) 
So when it came to Phoenix's 1/2 Birthday we knew it just had to be Harry Potter Themed! 
I may be pretty biased but he's the cutest wizard I have ever seen! 
He's got his letter, his trunk, books wand and owl and is all ready to go of to Hogwarts School of witchcraft & Wizardry! 

His Milestones this month! 
-Started eating baby food!
- Sits up by himself! 
- Talks our ears off! 
-Scoots across the floor everywhere
-holds everything and grabs everything! 
- Knows his name ! & responds!
- sleeps by himself! & is only up 2 times a night! 
- Loves Peek a Boo
- LOVES to be scared !