This gorgeous girl.... Where do I even start. She has such a story and has been on quite the adventure. But no matter what she pushed through. This session meant a lot not just for her, and her whole family but to me as well.. 
Last year just a few short weeks after her 2nd year of dance photos with me , Fae fell in dance and broke her knee, we were all quite heartbroken. But she worked her butt off to get better, with therapy and still attending dance even though she couldn't participate. Once she got the clear she was back at it full force and here we are just one year after back on pointe and killing it. 
She didn't let this stop her, she persisted & fought & we are all so proud of her for it. 
She transformed so much in a year from a sweet & shy girl , to a mature & challenging one who doesn't let the world knock her down. 
Dance Studio : Edenton Dance Stars
Location : Neon District