Oh where has the time gone ! 
This month has been the best yet, my little man has developed such a personality & so much more & Chaos is loving that he is getting more and more playful!
Milestones for Phoenix:
LOVES to be scared
Can sit up til he gets excited!
Scoots along the floor like he wants to crawl but is too lazy
Is only up 3 times a Night WOOHOO! 
Is getting amazing hand motor skills . grabbing chaos' ears nose and mouth all day!
Loves to stand and bounce, bounce bounce!
Loves music , ESPECIALLY Moana!
weighs 15lbs :]
Screams to show he'shappy, sad, mad or excited.
Throws his toys & expects us to pick them up
LOVES Peek-a-boo with mommy
holds his bottle (only when he wants) & pulls it in & out of his mouth making a huge mess

Chaos Milestones:
still eats shoes
still eats books
Tries to eat baby wipes
allows Phoenix to pull, pinch, grab her with no care
cleans up phoenixs messes.

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