When I announced I was traveling to New York for 6 days in August & Alyx asked me about doing her engagements I was stoked. This couple is amazing. I grew upwith Alyx so we've literally almost known each other our whole lives and for her to ask me to photograph them it was a complete honor.  Seeing her so happy & madly in love with this amazing man was absolutely wonderful.

I traveled a little deeper into the country of upstate NY to John & Alyx's property and after a 20 minute ride on a bobcat (themachine not the animal though that may be completely badass) we arrived to their favorite spot and of course their pup Lukey tagged along. He was a great sport and photobombed our photos quite a few time. Though secretly I think he made them even cuter! 

But seriously how adorable is this session & its only the first half!!! Just wait til you see part two later this week! If you think these are gorgeous you are going to Swoon over part 2!