As we Celebrate 5 years Wed : Gilbertsville NY : The Majors Inn

As we celebrated 5 years of marraige I think it really dawned on us how much life has changed since we got married at this same beautiful place 5 years ago. Our relationship, our lives, our home(s)  (as we moved 5 times) , our family seemed to grow and grow. Now with 4 pups and an amazingly beautiful son in which all light up our worlds, it seems its a whole different world then the one we were in in 2012 at the age of 19 and 21. But this world now is exaclty what we had dreamed about, it is everything we wanted. We have built this life from the ground up, and WE have done it all. We worked so hard for everything we have and pushed eachother every step of the way to better ourselves not only as a couple but independently towards our dreams and aspirations and as 5 years came and went I really couldn't be more optimistic and excited for what is to come in the next 5! 
We're killin it babe & we're just going to keep on doing so. 
Forever & ever. I promise.
VENUE : The Major's Inn - Gilbertsville NY
Photographer - Brii Cher'ri Photography