When Madisyn messaged me secretly telling me like a little birdie that she was engaged I was beyond joyful. These two are utterly adorable. They are so nerdy & playful. Full of energy and true emotional interaction with one another. Their engagement session was a literal dream.
They gave me full control over outfits, location ideas... EVERYTHING and just let me play. and I couldn't be any happier with the turn out! 

With a flowy low cut dress Madisyn was even more captivating on camera and Ryan just played into his role really well... Maybe too well hahah. He played with his hat, pointed off into the abyss of the sand and gave me some very very serious faces. His comical self definitely kept our session even more lively then originally expected and everyone that passed us gave us the weirdest looks! 

I cannot wait for these two to tie the knot & to be able to capture their beautiful day ! Congratulations to two people who have become very dear to my family and I !