I'm not a sappy person, I don't write sappy posts or get all in my feels. 
But just know these two are my life. My soul. 
Them & my dogs are waht get me up and out of bed in the morning.
They are what keeps me going.
My little family is perfect in so many ways I can't believe most days they are mine.
Each day comes with new experiences and our adventure as a family for the past 3 months
has been literally a dream come true. Through the tough moments and no sleep. The days we ate one meal because there just didn't seem to be time to do more than that. The weeks of not letting him out of my sight and the nights of never letting him sleep alone.
This adventure has just started & it's already one hell of an experience .

Click the photographs below to make them bigger.
I hope you enjoy a peak into our life & our love. 
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