This month our grown and grown & just kept growing! 
He loves to just roll over , over and over.
He coos and talks and talks & gets quite irritated when you don't talk back.
He giggles and laughs , mostly in the mornings, He just LOVES 5AM! Mommy, not so much!
All he wants to do is sit up , look around and not lay down! 
He wants to stand and watch everything around him and you would think he was 6 months old not 3 with the way he acts!
He blows bubbles and sucks his thumb.
He's teething and its driving mommy & daddy crazyyyy! 
He fights sleep but once he's on mommy's chest he passes right out.
He loves to be REALLY warm and loves to Snuggle real close.
But most of all we love him more than anything and being able to watch him grow has been amazing!