To the best TWO months with you : Pheonix Aion : 2 month Session

March 23 2017
The Day our lives changed forever.
This little man came into the world weighing 7 lbs. 1 oz. and at 19 inches long.
He fought hard for 6 days in the NICU.
We lived his first 2 weeks of life out of Airbnb's and hotel rooms in Michigan.
But at just 2 days old he was lifting his head and in love with tummy time
at 30 days old he started rolling over.
at one moth he was smiling. 
At a month and a couple days he met his best friend Chaos.
At 5 weeks he started cooing instead of just crying
At 6 weeks he started trying to hold his bottle.
At 6 weeks he ditched disposables and went to cloth diapers ( FLUFF LOVE!)
At 8 weeks I still pee on daddy sometimes :D
At 8 weeks I really just want Mommy to hold me constantly.

Overall this 61 days has been a huge adventure for all 3 of us & we cannot wait for more.
You keep each day interesting & every moment happy. We love you more than life itself Phoenix Aion! So Happy 2 months in the crazy life of the Camacho Family.