We knew we wouldn't be able to come home for a while after Phoenix was born with all of the paperwork and legalities of adoption that meant spending the first 2 weeks of his life either in the hospital or in a hotel/airbnb. 
This gave us time to just be a family of 3, to bond and love and learn all new parent things.  Also we got to take some photographs of him before we came home and had professional photos done here, keep in mind I am not a newborn photographer at all but I just couldn't let the days pass without him having some ! 
Below are some of the photos I took of Phoenix at just a week old & our first family photographs done the day we came home! 
Life as a family of 6 ( 3 dogs of course!) has been amazing, an adjustment but absolutely amazing and everyday is a new adventure for us. We are completely and utterly enamored by this little guy and everything he does. 

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