Daniel & Elizabeth recently finished building their first home together here in Edenton NC, being able to watch their new future build from the ground up has been an amazing journey and pleasure. Their excitement to start this new adventure together has been heart warming to see and being able to watch them together in their new home and how they just belong is absolutely beautiful!
Being able to capture these photographs and moments for them were an absolute pleasure and so fun. I laughed so hard I cried multiple times through out the session, between pillow fights, and people falling the session was an absolute blast !
This year I made a list of 100 goals for myself and my business and one of them was shoot a lifestyle session, another was to break out of my box no matter how uncomfortable it makes me and shoot new things. If I don't like them I never had to shoot it again but I had to try. For my first lifestyle session I absolutely loved it and cannot wait for the next one! 
The emotion and realness was exactly what I strive for in my photographs.