As I photographed this session yesterday I realized how much boudoir has changed my life, changed me.
So many  people pick up cameras and call themselves photographers. & even scarier some of them dive right into the hard stuff like boudoir! Boudoir is so intimate, so emotional and so challenging. I have laughed , had fun and shed a few tears while shooting all of these amazing women. I have heard their stories, beautiful,, sad, heart wrenching, glorifying. From cancer survivors, to weight loss success, to Moms of 3, I am thankful and lucky to have met every single one of them and for them to have let me into their world, even if it was only for a day. They have enlightened me, freed my soul and opened my eyes to the beauty around me. not only what I see through my lens but what I see inside them after they tell me their stories. After I learn the story behind the beautiful face. 
Most women don't see how beautiful they are, myself included, we are all always doubting our self and our confidence drops quite frequently with the way society treats us.  but when your daily job is to see the unique beauty in other women and make them see it too, you eventually start to see your own. You realise you are changing things for these women, you are liberating them in a way no one else can. 
My super power isn't anything magically and magnificient but I like to think it is life changing, I like to think it is memorable & I like to think I am truly helping each woman who walks in my door, walk out stronger, fiercer & more themselves then they had been in years. 

If I can change the lives of women, if I can make them see how truly beautiful they are, maybe I am slowly making a difference in the world too.
I can only hope.