A HUGE thanks to Powell's Roadside Markets for allowing me to photograph not only our photographs but all of my mini Sessions this year as well! 
I am super stoked with our photographs this year! Another HUGE thank you to the wonderful Fae & Jen Williams for being our button clickers instead of trying to use a tripod and remote for our family shots!  It took four people holding the camera at different times to get these. From me setting the camera up and photographing the baby, then the baby & Joe, Then Joe taking the camera and getting the baby and I , then fae taking the camera to do the family day time shots & then finally I got the lights set up and practiced a few shots with Fae  & then handed JEn the camera to get a couple of us as a family.
Whew yes it is really that much work but literally our session and theirs were doing within 40 minutes. We kill it , even in the CHAOS!

This year has been amazing and this first Christmas as a Mom has been spectacular thus far & I'm going to write a long mushy blog for you guys about that so for now, HAPPY Holidays, Merry Christmas, & all the JOY to you and your loved ones this Holiday Season. 
Remember what its about, whether to you that is Religion, Love, Giving back or Family. Relish in what makes this season beautiful for you & yours.