On The 1st Day of Christmas : 8 MONTHS OLD :Day 1 of the 25 days of Christmas with Phoenix!

Here WE GO!
It's my little man's First Christmas! 
I missed his 8 month blog & his 8 month photos can't be shared til after Christmas cards are sent soooo ! I am putting it in here! 
Pulling up on everything!
Walking around the edges of the room! 
climbing ! 
I have 2 teeth & 2 more coming in!
tries to feed himself with his spoon & does decent!
Eating puffs now!
Self soothes to sleep!
LOVES I MEAN LOVES Christmas Music
loves to sing along with Mommy
Can escape out of anything!
Still not sleeping through the night- though this could be teething
LOVES to Laugh & Still loves to be scared & its getting harder & harder to do so!
We are super excited for the next Month full of so many things in this Holiday Season & we are sharing them all with you...

So we will be doing a Photo a day for Each 25 Days of Christmas!
Most of you look forward to the movies ( I do too ) But I have been dying to get started on these! 
Here's DAY 1 guys! Just something simple as Mommy had lots to do today! 
But Phoenix was a Happy Happy Jolly Boy Today! 
Let's see if he stays this way for the rest of the 25 days!!!