So behind on blogging but what a perfect day to share this gorgeous Fall Halloween wedding is gracing the blog today!
These two were the most connected and emotionallyreactive to one another. It was absolutely beautiful! 
I didn't have to tell them to smile. or laugh or kiss or anything they just interacted so perfectly with one another. Their big day was full of amazing little heartwarming touches. The Bride handstitched the grooms tie, and the tie surprised her by wearing her grandfathers suspenders. They married in the Brides backyard amoung family and friends right on the river & everything was hand done by them,
From the Soup bar to the jack o lanterns so much love & time went into making this wedding as perfect as it was !
I LOVED the homey family feel of this wedding and all the love that came with it, it was truly just a beautiful day full of so much love all around. 
I amso so so happy for Kelly & Mike and am so grateful they chose me as their wedding photographer & now friend. 
Congratulations you two as you celebrate one month of marriage in just a few days!