Fall Sessions are in Full swing! LIMITED AVAILABILITY!

Autumn is my favorite seasons, for many reasons. 
First it starts off with my birthday so I mean of course it's my favorite time.
But on top of that it cools down, allowing us to spend time outside. Whether it be playing in the leaves or taking runs and long walks as a family. Really it encourages family time for us. The Summer is too hot for us Northerners so we don't go out in the light unless we HAVE to. But when the fall weather greets us we find ourselves outside much more. Though the days get shorter, the evenings get longer.
Everyone seems to all in all get happier.
The colors change ( I'm from NY so they REALLY change at home)
The leaves fall signally the start of the end, thats the true beauty I think. Fall allows us to see death in a beautiful light instead of a dark one. The leaves fall like memories cascading as the end draws near reminding us of the life lived once more before it ends. Maybe my minds weird (Which it is) but the symbolism is life altering for me. 
Out of the mushy stuff though for real.
Autumn brings back normal nuetral colors , my favorites! 
If anyone knows me, they know my favorite color is mustard yellow, or burgandy. But mustard yellow is definitely the winner here. 
I have just a couple times left if anyone is wanting an Autumn Session! I do not have any mini options available only full sessions at this moment but would absolutely love to adorn your walls with gorgeous photographs like these!