This month has flown by as I feel like they all have but this one for some reason felt the fastest! 
I have a feeling with the holiday season these months are going to fly by faster than I could ever imagine. Each day is really a new adventure with this kid, I swear every day is something new! 
This month alone he did so many new things ! 

Started WAVING!
He says Mama
& baba
he's said da but doesn't seem to want to give that much of a go yet! 
He now pulls the dogs tails and hopes they will pull him around the house
He can pull himself into a sitting position
we have his sleep schedule almost down pat
Still no sleeping through the night though!
He is FINALLY in the clothes for his age!
He had his first ear infection :[ 
Tried & LOVES dill pickles! 
Shakes his head no when I try to feed him
& sleeps completely by himself at night!