The Vanzant Wedding : Adam & Alyssa: Pennsville NJ

First off if there is one thing I love its traveling and traveling for weddings is even more amazing! I love the new places and ideas that can come to mind with the new opportunites of a different location! Adam  & Alyssa's big day was amazing for that reason and many more! 

This couple is not only spontaneous and extroidanarily fun but they are so beautifully in love its breathtaking to see. Their wedding day was full of so much laughter and it was probably one of the most upbeat and fun weddings I have been to. They joked around, pulled pranks and were literally their complete selves the entire day.

The ceremony and reception was held right in the gorgeous backyard of Alyssa's parents home in front of buge fields of corn and a beautiful tree scape. It was a beautiful sight and so meaningful for both the couple and the parents. I couldn't say enough about Alyssa's parents either, they ran around like crazy before the wedding making every single thing perfect and making sure nothing went wrong. They were so supportive and the love, support and encouragement they gave to the couple was amazing.

Alyssa & Adam were like my dream couple, I thrive on capturing vivid souls and I can't say enough about how they were exactly the meaning of that. They were adventourous, outgoing, sarcastic as hell, edgy but most of all beautifully unique and I think the photographs do an amazing job of capturing that!