Losing the Fear & Finding yourself: What 2016 has done for BCP

2016 is flying by. 
But at the beginning of the year I was down, I love what I do. But I felt like I was shooting for everyone else.Not for me. I shot children, newborns, props and cliche ideas, because that is what was wanted. I found my love in boudoir & couples. The love of real emotion and capturing the feels between people. fills my soul with happiness.

Since January I have done so much, started Glamour sessions, in studio high end portraiture. I started selling wall art instead of just digitals. I have walked into clients homes that are covered in my art and it makes my heart swell beyond belief to know everyone is seeing their portraits they aren't just in some online gallery in the mass of the interweb.
But I also cut out some things that weren't doing these things for me, I no longer shoot babies under 6 months old, no newborn sessions or 3 month sessions, and nothing against them but they weren't my pride and joy and that is okay, I learned that THAT IS OKAY. It is okay to NOT do everything, to only do things that make you happy and I am learning each and everyday to do just that. To shoot what makes me happy.

My style, quality and service has improved and changed. Quality over quantity is big at Brii Cher'ri Photography and that is something I take pride in, I strive to provide an experience that is something you never forget and want to share with everyone, where you laugh joke and seriously just let go and have a blast. I've found myself finding people who love me, because of who I am, because since January I have changed everything about BCP to reflect who I am as a person. I'm Edgy, Bold, Different , no pastel colors and airy pictures ( nothing against all of that) but I have finally thrown the towel in and said this is me, this is my style and I hope you love it and take a chance book me and see how freaking amazing and ridiculously fun shooting with BCP is.

The biggest thing I have accomplished in 2016 is losing the fear that being myself wouldn't be good enough, I wouldn't book clients because my work was too different too edgy. I  came to and said this is me, not so plain & definitely not simple, so come crack some jokes, tell some ridiculous stories and let go with me!