Every year since my husband Joe & I have been married we have retaken wedding portraits. Always a new location, new suit or outfit for him and a whole new slew of memories with each other. 
This year in July, the 27th to be exact we will be celebrating 4 wonderful years married to one another. A lot of people say marriage is work, and it can be,but it should be more fun then it is work. there shouldn't be a day you don't make one another laugh, you should always have compromises no matter how small. My favorite for us is, if you make coffee, I'll pour it. It is the small things and after 4 years, our annual wedding photographs is no longer a small thing but a huge excitedly planned adventure that we both love.

This years photographs were taken at the beautiful Crabtree falls in Burnsville NC near Asheville! The falls were breathtaking and deserted, literally empty. Don't worry we knew why. Because don't look at these photographs and think there was no struggle to produce them, because there was more than an abundant amount of struggle. Including, not only a 3.5 mile strenuous hike of a mountain while carrying my 30lb camera bag, wedding dress in a bag, my berry bouquet and a tripod, but also having to run back and fourth to the tripod to set a 10 second timer on wet rocks due to forgetting the remote. This was work, but yet again it was so much more fun. We had a blast, we laughed, froze a little bit and struggled a bunch but we were there with one another making memories that were beyond worth it.

After almost 7 years together and about to be 4 years married, this man is my light that shines brighter every day and helps me through even the worst days. I can't wait for more adventures and so so so many more photos.