brii Cher'ri Boudoir is Marathoning in New York & North Carolina

brii Cher'ri Boudoir is for the first time hosting a full day marathon of boudoirs ! This day is the perfect opportunity for a girls day out1 Come with your best girl friends and be pampered, all while having a blast and feeling great while doing so!

The wonderful thing about these marathons is the savings they are providing for those in attendance ! The more girls that book the bigger savings that are provided!
The max of 5 women are taken per marathon with a discount of $85-$100 per session discounted once 5 women have booked!

The North Carolina Marathon will be hosted in Edenton North Carolina on the 26th of March!
The New York Marathon will be hosted in Worcester New York on the 9th of April

For more information on these Marathon Sessions & their availability please email me or check into the facebook event links below
North Carolina ---
New York---