Glamour has become huge here at Brii Cher'ri Photography, but I think a huge part that is misconstrued is that Glamour means frilly tutus and flowers, which don't get me wrong it totally can! But... There is so many other sides of it too! This session shines light on both the edgy and professional side that Glamour can take! 

Whether you work in corporate, run your own business or just want a session to show off your amazing beauty, glamour is right for you! 

Sandy, has been my beautiful amazing client and friend for over 2 years and she is such an amazing incredible heartwarming person. Just one look at Sandy and you can tell just how caring she really is, but there is so much behind that beautiful face and over the past 2 years she has let me in. Sandy is a Cancer Survivor, she has fought so hard to still be here and she doesn't take any day for granted, it is beyond inspirational. As if that wasn't enough and didn't make you just want to hug her and get to know her, this woman has worked her butt off for the past year+ to lose weight and get healthy and she has done an AMAZING job! She has lost over 70 lbs and her confidence has skyrocketed. The best part is I have been there to photograph it all . So Congratulations on your weightloss success and Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your amazing journey and life !