Classy & Elegant Boudoir & why it is worth every penny: Real Stories : Edenton , Greenville , Elizabeth City NC

Tara- I've worked with Brii on many occasions now and honestly I couldn't imagine working with any other photographer. When I went in to do my boudoir session I was nervous.. As most women would be about getting pretty much naked in front of someone new.. But I have to say all of that changed when I got there! Brii made me feel right at home and most of all we had so much fun. It wasn't like being in front of a stranger.. It was like I was in front of one of my best friends I've known my whole life. We joked and laughed the whole time! I had an 11 lb baby girl come out of my body so I never thought the pictures would turn out as great as they did but Brii worked her magic and turned all my doubts into confidence! I can't wait to work with her again.. She is a beautiful person inside and out

Anonymous - I was so nervous about doing a boudoir shoot, but wanted to do it as a wedding gift for my fiance. I have never even thought of doing anything like this, but after Brii suggested after booking her for my wedding, she had me intrigued. Brii made me feel so comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. We had a consultation where she gave me advice on what to expect and how to prepare. She rode with me to Norfolk to go shopping and helped me pick out the perfect outfits that I would feel beautiful in. She did my hair and makeup and chatted with me the whole time. When it came time for the actual shoot, I felt so comfortable with her and knew that she would make sure that I looked great! I am absolutely in love with my photos and feel so empowered and confident after the whole experience. Brii is a wonderful photographer and if the thought of a boudoir shoot has ever crossed your mind, you need to do it with her! There is no one better!

Jenny- I was so worried about doing boudoir pics! I hadn't done anything like that since before I was pregnant. My fiance and I got engaged not long ago and I wanted to do something especially for him. Brii made me feel super comfortable the whole time and she even did my hair and makeup and made me feel super beautiful! When I got my pics back I was SO amazed at how good they looked! It was worth every penny and my fiance LOVED THEM! I would definitely do it again

Amy-43 years old...5 babies...war stripes...pudge where there once wasn't..."flaws" that I let nip away at my own sense of beautiful. I kept making deals with myself, the when, the if, and the if only I could just be this or if I could look like this deals. I was my biggest critic and I was my biggest obstacle. I met with this strong, talented and sweet photographer one sunny afternoon in a quiet coffee shop, with my stomach full of butterflies. From the first hello she felt like someone I have known forever...the kind of friend you want to tell all of your secrets to. She took all of my insecurities in her hands and with her camera lense she captured the strong, beautiful woman that I am....the woman I didn't see because in my mirror I saw the flaws, but in her eyes she saw the beauty...the Mom, the friend, and the girlfriend.

I would say to anyone who has ever thought *maybe* who has ever thought *one day* or who as ever thought *I have no one to do this for* DO THIS! Do it for you! I whole heartedly believe this is one of the most empowering experiences!

Sandy- First, I have never been the type to want to be immortalized in my unmentionables (i.e., I never thought I would want to get photographed in my undies before). It wasn't something that I had been dying to do all my life. Second, I started off a plus-size girl who is not altogether comfortable with her body and who consistently has some self-love issues. That being said, let me tell you why you (yes, YOU) should consider boudoir photography… I have had the absolute honor and pleasure of having a few different boudoir shoots with Brii Cher’ri Boudoir Photography and it was honestly the most liberating experience of my life. I was nervous and apprehensive going into it. I've never been completely comfortable with my body, and even less so now that I am in my late 30s and have stretch marks and scars and even some lovely VEINS that mark who I am and where I've been throughout the past 39 years. I kept having the thought in my head that these people who would see me half-naked would be completely grossed out and would be disappointed that they could not make me look decent in any photos. Boy, was I wrong. All of my anxieties about my own insecurities with my body was getting the best of me… I got to spend 2 hours with the most amazing person who, very honestly and sincerely, thought that I looked beautiful, and did everything she could to make sure that I knew it. And not only KNEW it, but FELT it, too. Nobody ever once looked at me and said, "Oh, I sure wish you were thinner," or "Wow, those stretch marks really take away from this photo." What I heard instead was, "Oh, you have killer boobs!" and "You look so hot in that pose, for real!" I could NOT believe my ears. And really, that was all it took for me to suddenly realize this: I'm freakin' HOT! It doesn't matter about size or scars or weight or anything. What matters is how you FEEL. And I have never been more amazed at how comfortable I could be with myself. So... If you can swing it, you should totally consider boudoir photography because: You get to be comfortable in your own body, even if you were already. Lots of people complimenting you and telling you how hot you look! Did I mention the wonders it does for your self-esteem? It's an excuse to buy really cute lingerie. Again — what better way to encourage self-love? I have had several different types of photo shoots with Brii Cher’ri and let me tell ya, I absolutely love being able to get to spend time with such an amazingly talented photographer that really takes the time and energy to focus on what you want!!! I have been with her for 3 years now and plan to stay with her for years to come!!!