The Amazing WedTalk : Museum of the Albemarle : The Bridal Lounge : Elizabeth City : Wedding Vendors

On Saturday February 27th at 10am, Brides from all over came to the wonderful Museum of the Albemarle to listen to seasoned Wedding professionals help them plan out their special day!

With the help from Wanda from Creative Catering , Sandra Sutton with The Bridal Lounge , who hosted the Event and Star with a Touch of Elegance, the event went without a hitch. It was wonderful to be part of such an event where women empowered other women in order to better serve our brides in every way possible! 

The Bridal Lounge provided a light breakfast as well as welcome packets with information on how to best plan your big day with wonderful tips and tricks that all of the brides adored. We spent over 3 hours talking and answering any and all questions that the brides had and allowing them to not only connect with us but connect with each other!

Brittney CamachoComment