Ignite to Unite : Community over Competition : Camden NC

I had the most amazing experience last night with Christina Forbes Photography & Still Frames Photography getting together with 5 other photographers who after 5 minutes acted as if we were all lifelong friends was the most amazing feeling ever!

Community over Competition is huge and Last night showed how much the empowerment and support of others can really boost not only your business but your self worth and confidence!

I learned so much from these ladies and the other ladies in attendance, but I didn't feel like I was at a class I felt like I was surrounded by friends . Not people who were going to judge me, or my business but people who literally just wanted to reach out and help one another <3

As all of that wasn't amazing enough I had FUN! I actually had a blast. We were supposed to meet from 6-8 we were all there by 5:40 and we didn't leave til almost 10:30 !

I got to fondle grab and nozzle some sexy women with no regret :D and be myself.

The greatest part about all of this was as I was sitting there with 5 other photographers who are all within 45 minutes of me, I could think of a million different reasons why someone would hire each of us. In that few hours I learned how completely unique and different we all are and how that makes what we bring to the table so much more worth it.

We don't just take photographs, the right photographer creates experiences.