Because 2016 wasn't the problem, the problem was me & it's you too.

2016… Oh good ol’ 2016…
The shit I have to say about you… I have to say, Thanks.

The year was full of things…. You know things happened, things didn’t.
But what happened with me, kind of happened lately. It was a realization, a realization that I was wasting my life away.
2016 was a year, another year like the last 24 of my life, but what did I do to make this one different? To make my life better, me better?
The New Year is coming and of course I see a lot of resolutions and what we are going to do to make 2017 soooo much better. These resolutions last til February if that before we are back to our normal, the same day as we were at before the resolutions. You know there is 365 days in a year right… Why do you wait till this one to do something for yourself to better yourself. You should be setting these goals every day. Waking up wanting more, wanting to be more, and wanting to do more.
This day tomorrow is no different than any of the other 364, and I get it, you get burnt out, life gets going…. Shit hits the fan.
But come on people, I know you spend hours watching that Netflix show and hours scrolling through facebook. The changes are that easy instead of 3 hours on Netflix do one hour Netflix, one hour of a learning class and then back to Netflix. Listen t an audio book instead of that irritating replaying radio music you hate on the way to work. Learn something! Whether it be makeup videos on youtube teaching you a new look, new recipes from facebook teaching you a dish you had never made before.
Small changes in your life make big differences.
Your goal is to be healthy? Try working out 3 times a week, not every day, you want to eat better? Cut out one or two things per week. Stop trying to do all these new things on the first day of a new year! NEWSFLASH every day is a first day if you make it one.
You run your own business and want to be better, set daily goals, today I will drop off business cards and tell at least 5 people what my business is. Today I will set up an Instagram schedule or a facebook schedule to get my clients involved.
Easier said than done? Well no one said anything was easy and being your boring same day not going anywhere self isn’t too great either. What made you stop thriving to be more than what you are today? What made you okay with being mediocre. I’m not okay with it and I may not even know you. I know every one of you deserves & should be a better of yourself.
So I challenge you to not make 2017 your bitch, but to make each day yours.