Friday Fall Fashion: Featuring Edenton's High Fashion Boutique Downtown Diva

his blog is coming to you a little late as I typed it and posted it and it deleted it instead so here's to two Fashion posts in one week!!! 
This week we bring to you a perfect little fall outfit with some gorgeous matching jewelry from Edenton's High Fashion Boutique Downtown Diva! This loose and flowy, buttery soft 3/4 sleeve floral dress is perfect for any fall day! Paired with tights and a pair of boots and even on a chilly day this dress would be a showstopper for sure! 
The long chained gold dipped stone necklace was a great pairing with the burgandy dress, its shine and shimmer added the perfect amount of glitz to the outfit and paired well with the gold white frill earrings on our beautiful model!

With downtown Diva's prices you can't NOT have this outfit! 
Now with me being so late this week I have decided Friday I will give you a little treat! A stop in my own closet to show you my favorite fall wear and some of my tips and tricks to make your fall fashion days edgy and bold just how we like them!