Breaking the barrier & Photographing Men

When attending Imaging USA I learned a lot. An immense amount that I was so full of inspiration and knowledge upon coming home I just didn't know what to do. So I did what I needed to do before making solid decisions on what I would focus on breaking into first. I bought the new equipment I had always wanted but never purchased. This week it all finally came in and I got to Play ! 

So here is the first thing I would love to bring to Brii Cher'ri Photography, because it isn't done around here or really much anywhere. The male species in other words almost forgotten as a species when it comes to professional photography unless it is a couple's session or a wedding! 

As many of you know I shoot boudoir, and I love it. I love it for the reasoning of how amazing it makes women feel . I got to thinking why is this just about making women feel good, why can't men look and feel great too? 

So I tried it out and you know what I found out? Men need this confidence boost just as much as women do. How often do we compliment men,besides talking to our girls about them we really don't!

So my challenge for everyone today is to compliment someone, man or women and maybe tomorrow compliment two! Their reactions will make your day and make you happy knowing you made someone else happy!

Here are some of my test shots while I plunge into this !