Truth: You're not too fat to be photographed!

I've heard this so often , and not just from Boudoir clients. My clients and many more women believe this about themselves when they absolutely shouldn't, and here's why! 

I can tell you all day that you are beautiful, that your beauty matters and everyone else sees it, but chances are you just won't believe me. I know when I am told these things I kindly say thank you and wave it off as a considerate notion. But that isn't the truth, these people really see you as beautiful! 

However, that isn't why you're not "too fat" to be photographed.. The reason is , no matter your size, shape, or whatever else this is you NOW. In this moment. This is who you are and guess what? No one cares about your size.  When your grandchildren or great grandchildren look at these photographs years later, or after you've passed away, I promise the last thing they will care about is how "fat" you are in them. 

Do you look at photographs of your late grandparents, parents or even friends and say "Wow, they were so fat?" No you look at them with love. Your mind is flooded with memories of your time with them or even that moment may replay in your mind. 

Photographs are the only things we have to look at each other after our time has passed. If you choose not to be photographed from today on because you are " too fat" then your children , grandchildren and friends won't have these eternal and beautiful images to remember you by. 

Life happens and each day could truly be anyone's last , so stop waiting. You need to exist in this time, in these memories,  for the people who love you most. It's not just about you, but about them too. When you finally set up a session, whether it's just yourself or a family session or an extended family and friend session, or a session with anyone you love,think of all you have and the people who love you the most. Be thankful for that fact the family that you have, the friends you have, and that you have people you love, who love you. 

I have one professional photograph of my grandfather. ONE and I cherish it more than anything. It sits proudly in my house on display. It is probably one of the first things my guests see when they walk in. That is how much it means to me. I do not consider his weight, or his clothes, or his image. I see him, for who he was and I am automatically taken back to a time where I could feel his hugs around me and his hand holding mine. 

I promise you,  when you look at a photograph of your whole family, your friends, your loved ones, all together, you won't notice size. When you look at your loved ones, you'll see their accomplishments, their smiles, you'll remember your happiness and the moments you shared.  You'll remember them for who they were, not their size, or their clothes, or anything else.  So if you're considering having professional pictures done, remember that you are beautiful, you are you, and you are loved and that is all that matters.  Be true to yourself, love yourself, for others already do.