Top 10 Things to think about when Planning Your big Day

1. The People who will MAKE your day :
This is going to be one HUGE category , Each vendor is so important, from the location, delicious food, the dazzling decorations and immense perfect planning and coordination down to the blasting entertainment and the one who captures the moments forever that this day will hold, Vendors are what is going to make your day match your vision.
When thinking about vendors, think of what is most important to you and go from there. Most likely your photographer, venue or Wedding coordinator have a list of vendors they love to work with and cohesive vendors are just wonderful. They work well together and they know exactly how to mesh ! So don't feel awkward asking for recommendations from your vendors!

2. Setting the limits:
In most wedding cases there is this little thing called a budget, and it's quite important, Your budget is the first step to deciding on all of the people above. If you have a $10,000 budget, a $8,000 venue wouldn't be an option, so choices must be made. When laying out your budget, the reception costs will most likely top everything, including food, drinks, and the venue it will be between 28-40% of your total budget . Then your Photographer should account for 10-20% , DJ & Dress usually account for between 5-10% of a wedding budget, leaving the cake, officiant, flowers, rentals and gifts to account for the lasting percentage. Of course these percentages are statistics and how you choose to budget is your choice which is the wonderful thing about weddings! it is ALL your choice!

3: Who's important:
So as we all know this day is very important to you, and to us too! But who is it truly important to? This is the question you need to ask yourself. A hefty guest list calls for an even heftier budget, food and drinks per person as well as rentals and favors add up quickly and when your guest list is overflowing so will your budget, 
Of course there are many people who need to be present at this special day but take time to think about those who don't,those who won't remember this day in 5 months let alone 5 years! Remove the drama filled, and stress causing people who could potentially bring down your day and focus on the ones who support and send encouragement instead. The quote "Quality over Quantity is perfect here.

Another great way to slim your list, though not for everyone is to think over the idea of an adult only wedding. This will cut your guest list almost in half, many people have children and that 2 count of guest could easily go to 4-5 with children involved! 

4. The Supporters:
Oh the Bridal Party, from tears of happiness to cat fights, bridal parties create the most emotional situations in every case! The Choosing of your bridal party should take time and be sincerely thought about, not just for you but for them. Being in a wedding takes time, money and emotional investment. Not one , not two but ALL three of those things,and as much as we may love someone they may just not have the time or the money to be that huge role in your wedding day. 
Being a wedding party member means being about that wedding from the time of being asked, from planning bridal showers and bachelor or bachelorette parties, to shopping for the dresses,tuxes and EVERYTHING else for the big day. You are the backbone that helps make this day perfect for these two amazing people in your life and if you aren't going to be dedicated don't accept the position.

5.Get Organized: 
The key to planning a successful and beautiful wedding day is to be organized. Have a Binder a pinterest board, an app, Whatever works! & keep track of everything have a calendar and lay out which months which things need to be done and set reminders in your phone. This is where those supporters come in, your girls should be there to help you get organized and go to these things with you. There are great wedding planners you can buy online like
This one from TheKnot

6. Staying true to you:
By you I mean you as a COUPLE. This day is about you, not about your mom, your sister or your mother in law!  Do not let them dictate your day and the decisions you make. Whatever you decide as a couple for your big day is what should be, if you like Rock music don't choose Country because your mother in law wants it. Don't go against your gut wth your flowers, dress or jewelry because ONE person is set against it. Go with your gut because the person who knows the most about your relationship and marriage is you and that is what your big day is all about.

7. Prepare for Rejection:
Know that on average about 30 percent of the people you invite to your big day won't be able to attend. Ofcourse this depends on many factors like the location of your wedding, how many out-of-towners are on the guest list, and the timing of the wedding (some guests may have other plans). Of course if you have your wedding locally where most of the guests reside then your acceptance rate may be much higher, where if you have a destination wedding your acceptance rate may be much lower!

8. Legal matters really do matters!
When getting your marriage license dot all of your i's and cross all of your t's. Make sure you know the hours of the county clerks office so you aren't frazzled when they close or don't issue marriage licenses at all hours. On top of that make sure you have all of the legal papers to get your marriage license when you do go! After receiving that wonderful thing that is tied to all of your hopes and dreams for this big day, MAKE COPIES and give one to Mom and one to your MOH just in case it is forgotten!

9. Time is ticking.... Always
The day is fast approaching and how do you make sure it goes smoothly, people aren't later and everything is ready to go when it is supposed to be? Make a wedding timeline, I know it sounds so simple but when it comes down to it figuring out exactly when each thing is going to happen will be tough. But it will be immensely worth it, your vendors will thank you and most of them will probably praise you and you will have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders knowing you scheduled in time to get from the hotel to the ceremony site, your 45 minutes - an hour for your portraits while your guests indulged in a cocktail hour. This timeline will be your savior at the end of the day!

10: Hope that this is the worst day of the rest of your lives.
Did that take you back? No I meant what I said, this day should be the beginning to something unfathomably amazing. Each day after this day should be better than the last with the person beside you and each moment should be cherished that much more. So kiss and kiss a whole lot, Dance until you can't stand and remember that this person is and will forever be your everything !