Dominick & Abigail : Engagement : New York City : Dumbo

When I received the email about Dominick & Abby's Session in New York City, to say I was over-the-moon excited was an understatement! Shooting a session in the big apple had been a dream of mine for a while and it just so happened I was headed to New York City in a few weeks! 
Through many many emails we conversed and planned the session and outfits out to a T and the result was absolutely amazing! 

 Dominick & Abby are an absolutely gorgeous couple and are so in love, every time I turned my head they were giggling and joking around. There was nothing fake about their smiles or affection that you see here, they literally seemed to light up each others lives and being able to capture that was one of the best feelings! 

Our session started in the streets of Dumbo and we ventured further down into a park and then right next to the water when the sun was down and the city lights brightened the sky! The Brooklyn Bridge & New York City Skyline made for one of the most beautiful backgrounds to pair with this gorgeous couple!