When people walked into my house for my house party this past weekend, they all couldn't believe the beautiful couch in front of them was that old ugly yellow couch from before!
(All pictures are cell phone photographs as I was covered in paint and cleaning supplies as well as sweat in the midst of our North Carolina Summer in my scolding garage!)

The moment I told them I had transformed it all by painting it their jaws dropped, they sat on it,rubbed it , tested it out and were left stunned by its transformation!

The amazing thing that made this possible was CHALK PAINT, but heres the thing chalk paint is expensive , specially when you need this much of it! & I am not a very spending person so of course I found the recipe for DIY Chalk Paint!!!

It ended up being much easier than I thought it would be! Though it does take patience and many coats it was well worth it for me!

First thing I would need would be FLAT latex paint ( 1 gallon) - I choose Ivory-off amazon for about $15
Second  I needed Calcium Carbonate which I bought off amazon - 5lbs (only used about 3lb) for around $12
Third - Water - simply out of tap is great! 
a spray bottle  from the dollar store
1-2 inch paint brush- I bought off amazon for around $6

The "Recipe" for the DIY chalk paint went as follows! 
2 cups of latex paint, 1/2 cup of calcium carbonate and 1/4 cup of water.  Stir really well

Before beginning to paint your couch make sure to vacuum it down and then wipe it down lightly to get dirt and other things off it so its not stuck in the paint and on the couch forever!

Once you are mixed and ready to go , have your spray bottle full of water and spray the surface you are about to paint til it is damp,Not soaked , damp. If it is soaked it will take longer to dry but if it isn't damp at all the paint won't soak into the fabric the way it needs to!

This is after Round 1 of paint

ound two - Once again don't forget to spray it down lightly with water first!

Round 3- oh progress how I adore you- at this point I was just hoping for it to be done!!

and finally here is the finale! A before and after for you!

After the last coat of paint dried I had to hand sand down the couch and cushions and get rid of the rough feel though they couch is a little still ,(partially cause its VERY old and lived outside for a lot of its life before I found it) the fabric feels like an outdoor fabric off a chair would for a patio set or something . Its not the most comfortable thing but I didn't need it to be as it is for decoration and as a prop for photoshoots not for sitting around and relaxing on!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!!! I am hoping to do more projects and make more posts on how to recycle things in your own house!!!