This how to is going to be a little bit more confusing then the last as it is a kind of throw together piece for us! 

So at first we planned on making our own tufted headboard which would have cost around $100 to make , but I found one on wayfair for $130 and went that route instead due to needing one as soon as possible! 

So after buying the headboard we decided to make a matching tufted bench! When cleaning out our storage unit for the house we found what became the bottom of our bench, its the bottom to a glass coffee table!! 

So first off here is what you will need for the top:
-1 2x12 - cut and put side by side to fit whatever size you would like!)
-one twin size 1.5 inch mattress foam topper
-one 2 inch thick needle
-thick thread , ( we used crocheting thread)
-2 yards of the fabric you want for the top
- 2 yards of batting  (thing fluffy stuff to round off the foam)
- 11 large buttons ( we bought 2 packs of 6 that had black and white in them & spray painted them)
- Screws ( we used our pocket jig to drill the 2 boards together)
-Staple gun & LOTS of staples

First we had to cut our boards to length , and screw them together to create  the base for the bench , after the base we cut the mattress topper into 4s and stacked them on top  using the extra as padding on the sides!
measuring carefully we placed our button holes 6 inches apart, and marked them with screws in the  top! 
Using the circle part of our vacuum (bahaha don't judge it works) we punched out the holes from the foam for the buttons! and drill the holes in the board underneath afterwards.
the next part was to pre-thread the buttons and once that was done it was time to get tufting!
This part was a two man job as one had to decide the depth of the buttons as well as decide the layout of the fabric and folds.

The more buttons you put down the more important it is to make sure the fabric looks exactly how you want and the pulls between the buttons go in the same directions as well. When all buttons are down and all fold are where you want them to be, you must pull the fabric tight to the back of the base and staple it down all the way around close to the edge of the base . With the extra fabric we covered the bottom of the base (it wasn't the prettiest but we didn't initially plan to be able to do so) and stapled the rest down as well.

The rest was just connecting the top to the base we already had , I just spray painted it gold! 

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