WHAT IS AN UNPLUGGED WEDDING & Why you should choose to make your Wedding "Unplugged"

A lot of my brides ask the question "What is an Unplugged Wedding " 
So today I figured I would give everyone a nice detailed overview of what an unplugged wedding exactly was and why as a photographer and wedding guest I highly recommend it for every wedding.

First off the definition of an unplugged wedding is this ,  a wedding in which the attendees are asked to turn off all electronic devices (cameras, cellphones, iPads, etc.) for the course of the ceremony, or for some weddings, throughout the entire day.  The portion of the day that is unplugged depends on the bride and grooms wishes; some brides choose to only ask for an unplugged ceremony while other brides choose to have their entire day, reception and all, unplugged from the electronics. 

This separation from the electronic world allows guests to truly be present at the wedding, to enjoy each moment, each laughter, the way the bride looked while walking down the isle and the groom's face when he saw her instead of seeing the back of a phone or a camera or even worse an IPAD!

Not only does being unplugged allow guests to truly be present and enjoy your special day but it also allows vendors such as photographers and videographers to do their jobs much more easily and beautifully. There is nothing worse than the shot of the bride walking down the isle being blocked my Aunt Sue who decided to step into the isle to get the photograph with her flip phone, or cousin Jake holding his Ipad up to video tape her coming down the isle or the first kiss and blocking the groom's face when he first see's his bride or the couple's first kiss. 

Sadly, in today's time guests are not considerate of the vendors or the Bride and Groom in these moments. When deciding to go unplugged the fear of these things happening dissipates. The vendors can create all the amazing shots and not have Ipads and cellphones throughout them, and the Bride & Groom can have guests who really actually were part of their day. 

According to David from WeddingBelles
He states the Top 5 reasons for having an unplugged wedding as :

Top 5 Reasons To Have An “Unplugged Ceremony”
1. Pro photographers’ pics are compromised by competing camera flashes and the domino effect of shooters trying to shoot around shooters.
2. Not being able to identify guests in the pro shots because their faces are obscured by phones and cameras.
3. The audible distraction of whirl, click, snap crackle pop as guests power up and down and occasionally push “ringtone” instead of “mute.”
4. Most agree that only well-honed professionals can experience what they are shooting fully through a lens. The rest of us detach ourselves from the present as we try to chronicle the past for use in the future.
5. This is a once in a life time event and you have not been invited as paparazzi. You have been invited to SHARE the ceremony with the COUPLE, not the world wide web.

These reasons are EXACTLY what I am trying to portray to each and every person whether you are attending a wedding or planning your own special day, take a break from technology and let these special moments set in. The people who matter most are the ones surrounding you not the faces of the internet!

Like David Connolly said :

There is never an appropriate time during a wedding ceremony to have anything in your hands but someone else’s or a hankie.

& just to complete the reasoning's why, I have decided to show you some moments from past weddings that would be avoided if the wedding was unplugged!