Breast feeding is a beautiful, intimate, experience for all mother's.

I was honored to be chosen to capture these special moments between a mother & her son with Heather & Silas.  It was a wonderful experience to be able to capture not only the moments but their bond as well. Extended breastfeeding and breastfeeding along is a huge part of a childs life and it is something that should be celebrated and embraced instead of hidden and shamed like it seems to have been lately. The support and encouragement I have for mother's who breast feed is overwhelming and I just think it is such a beautiful thing for both the mother and the child.
Edenton's quaint beauty was the perfect setting for this wonderful shoot & these are only the beginning of the wonderful moments I captured of these two !

Hair & makeup- Brii Cher'ri Photography

Location - Cupola House Edenton NC

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