Lately there's been a lot of controversy over the new and most popular Boudoir Sessions. These Sessions are what some like to call "Sexy" shoots, they include lingerie and beautifully done hair and makeup, high heels and corsets, but really they are so much more. Boudoir is the empowerment of women. The stand to say " I am Beautiful" and I can tell you every client who walks through my doors leaves feeling that way because that is what Boudoir is about. 

Now to the people who think otherwise....

1. Women need to stop tearing women down... Why can't us as women admit simply that another women looks beautiful, instead of calling her names or telling her she should put more clothes on. Why is paying compliments to those we know so hard? Stop being so full of hate judgement and jealousy towards people who have pushed pass those insecurities and embraced their beauty.

2. Women don't just do this for their husbands or for attention like you who claim, though at first they may believe that's why, by the end of the session they will realize it is really all about them. About their beauty that they provide to this world and how wonderful they really are.

3. Why is it that you feel the need to tear these women down for their beauty and confidence because you think they are showing too much skin, but you see Victoria secret, Hanes , Aerie , or any other company who sells underwear or bikinis in much less and it is perfectly okay? Is it because on the personal level you can't accept that another woman is beautiful and embraces it?  If it is any hint of jealousy, come on in to the studio we'll take those ridiculous feelings away for you really quick.

4. Boudoir, Well at least at Brii Cher'ri Photography is Classy, its beautiful sensual and romantic but above all it is classy. It has nothing that reflects badly about the beauty of these wonderful women if anything it makes most people step back and say Damn girl, You are Flawless! and believe me she is.

To the ones who are thinking of booking a session , Boudoir will tap into a part of you, you never thought you had. IT is emotional beyond measure because finding the feeling of being so beautiful and confident after the people like above have tore you down for so long is a breakfree that can't be described in words. So come embrace your beauty and Rock your session here with me at Brii Cher'ri Photography! It will be beyond fun!

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