Shirley Hill Plantation Wedding - Damon & Tiffany

I Shot this amazing Wedding yesterday at Shirley Hill Plantations in Snowhill North Carolina!
This couple was more fun and excitement then I ever could have imagined! My stomach hurt from laughing so much! Their love for each other was more obvious then ever through their endless smiles!
A beautiful bride and stunning groom that kept me entertained the whole day long!

When you check this out you will notice how unique, and vivid this wedding was! With a unique blue and red color scheme, with a ninja theme and origami flowers and cranes everywhere it was a sight to see. She was one of my first off beat brides and believe me when I say  I LOVE different and this couple NAILED it!

Take a look at the first few photos of the groom as he sees her for the first time in their "First Look" Moment they chose to capture Pre-ceremony! It was beautifully amazing! I couldn't have asked for a more entertaining & fun couple!

To many nights full of laughter like the one you filled with me, and many years of love between the two of you!